Harriet Quimby

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The information on these pages was generously donated to the museum by aviation historian and author Giacinta Koontz.

With a BA in Anthropology from San Diego State University, Koontz's background includes field work in historic archaeology, as well as museum curation. Experience conducting oral history interviews and a penchant for literally digging out primary source documents fueled her passion for aviation research. Creating her own niche, she is a self-described Aviation Anthropologist.

Koontz  founded and directed The Harriet Quimby Research Conference, a national aviation history conference (1995-2000) where amateur and professional writers could meet and share their research, which was edited and published as an annual journal. She has also written for many publications and authored three books. She has received numerous awards and acknowledgements throughout her career and has been featured in various documentaries and as a guest speaker around the country.

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