Upcoming Events

Soaring Above: Cleveland Women in Aviation & Aerospace
March 25, 2021 @ 6:00 p.m. (EST) via Zoom
From the annual Cleveland Air Show to the role NASA's Glenn Research center in the study of space, Cleveland is home to rich aviation and aerospace history. In this virtual program in partnership with the Shaker Historical Society, the International Women's Air & Space Museum will highlight the impact and contributions of women from the greater Cleveland area from pilots to engineers to parachutists and more.
The event is FREE and open to the public. Registration is required, and all participants will receive a link to join. This program will also be live streamed on Facebook.


Past Events

February 24, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. - Virtual Meet & Greet

Join Executive Director Sara Fisher for a free virtual meet and greet!
Hear about what's been happening at IWASM, our plans for 2021, and more. Learn about what is in store to celebrate IWASM's 45th Anniversary, the 60th Anniversary of the Mercury 13, and get a chance
to share your thoughts as the organization gets underway with
strategic planning.The event is free and open to the public.  Registration is required.

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Jan. 21, 2021 - Kathryn Sullivan: Handprints on Hubble: An Astronaut's Story of Invention (Online)
Come celebrate the paperback release of Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan's memoir, "Handprints on Hubble: An Astronaut's Story of Invention" about her pioneering work as a NASA astronaut--and the first American woman to walk in space.

For this *virtual* book talk, Dr. Sullivan will be joined in conversation with Marcy Frumker, Board Member and Space Advisor of IWASM, along with Loganberry Books serving as the main host.

Walking Tours - Tours of Cleveland

Have you taken a tour with Tours of Cleveland? Enjoy a 1 1/2 to 2 hour tour around Cleveland. Use promo code "IWASM21" for a special $4 discount. Click here to learn more about the tour and to book a ticket today!

*Past Dinner Series Speakers
Sheila L. Chamberlain – First African-American Female Combat Intelligence Pilot for the U.S. Army
Gigi Coleman – Great-Niece of Aviatrix Bessie Coleman
Wally Funk – Member of Mercury 13
Ric Gillespie – Executive Director of TIGHAR, Amelia Earhart expeditions
Stephanie Caisse-Harris – Author of “A Corpsman’s Legacy”
Stephanie Johnson – Delta’s First African-American Female Pilot
Sarah B. Rickman – Author & Historian, WAFS and WASP
Shaesta Waiz – Afghan Refugee, Youngest Woman to Circumnavigate the Globe in a Single-Engine Plane
Gigi Coleman – Great-Niece of Aviatrix Bessie Coleman
Harry Haskell – Author, Grandson of Henry Haskell – Husband of Katharine Wright
Bill Meixner – Historian, MacRobertson Air Race 1934
Marianne Dyson – Author, NASA Flight Controller
Jennifer Bean Bower – Author, Viola Gentry
Bill Meixner – Historian, History of Airmail
Marsha J. Wright – Daughter of WASP Margaret Ringenberg
Bill Meixner – Historian, Bomber Plant
Wendy Hollinger – Publisher, Jerrie Mock’s “Three-Eight Charlie”
Casey Grant – One of Delta’s First African-American Flight Attendants
Lt. Col. Becky Ohm – Ohio’s First Female Fighter Pilot
Bill Meixner – Historian, 1929 Air Race/Amelia Earhart
Julie Cummins – Author, “Flying Solo: How Ruth Elder Soared into America's Heart"
Dan Zaleski – Historian, Blanche Noyes
Bill Meixner – Historian, Cleveland & Aviation
Bill Meixner – Historian, History of Cleveland Municipal Airport
Marcy Frumker – History of Female Astronauts and Cosmonauts
Richard DuRose – Author, “Shooting Star: The First Attempt By A Woman To Reach Hawaii By Air”
M.G. Crisci – Author, “Call Sign, White Lily”
Doug Kusak – Cleveland Metroparks, Great Lakes Exposition 1936-37
Mary Feik – First Female Presented the Master Mechanic Award, Pat Hange (2nd)
Jean-Vi Lenthe – Author, “Flying Into Yesterday: My Search for the Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical Engineering Cadettes”